Four Things You Can Do to Support the Circus

Thank you for the overwhelming support in the past few days as we deal with our insurance crisis. We are really grateful for your support. There have been practical questions about how you can help us, so we've come up with a list!

Every share, letter and voice of support helps us so please do take action and together we will hopefully find a solution.

Big love,

The Circus Team xx

1. Social Media

Follow and show your support to the Alliance for Insurance Reform (@insurancereformireland or insurancereform.ie)

Show your support to Galway Community Circus during the insurance crisis by sharing articles on our insurance struggle

Please tag @josephamadigan @michaeldarcy @LeoVaradkar @galway2020 @artscouncil_ie on your posts on the insurance crisis

2. Write a letter

Write a letter of support to describe what the work of Galway Community Circus has given to you or your family and send to us and / or your Local Councillor and/or TD, list of our local councillors here: https://www.galwaycity.ie/council-mayor-information#4

3. Advice

Any advice on insurance that you think may be useful to us, please contact Fiona on fiona@galwaycircus.com

4. Fundraising Support

Support Galway Community Circus fundraising efforts, please email Fiona fiona@galwaycircus.com

  • Join the GCC fundraising committee
  • Introduce us to businesses who might like to partner with Galway Community Circus
  • Volunteer for our fundraising raffle, bake-sale at upcoming Christmas shows
  • More ways to support us

Thank You!