Registration for spring term 2024 is currently open. Available classes are listed below.

Participants will challenge themselves both physically and mentally on the aerial apparatus and experience a great full body workout that builds strength and flexibility. Learning elements of contemporary circus and dance, participants will discover how to develop and create movements at different levels and will experiment with a variety of movements above, on and under each prop. Participants will use different aerial props throughout the year such as the aerial hoop, silks, cocoon and trapeze, focusing on a different prop every 6 weeks to allow participants to get familiar with different props and also develop the essential physical skills that each prop demands. This class will also feature body awareness and conditioning activities that will assist in the creation of aerial routines.


Our adult aerial classes are separated by skill level:

Explorer 1 and Explorer 2:
Just starting out. This is really about your first year or so of training. Emphasis is on developing strength and solid basics. Unless you’ve already been doing a lot of training in another sport, expect this to take about a year - we all need to work on our strength and flexibility.

Improver 1 and Improver 2
: You’ve been training for about a year. You feel much stronger and flexible. You are now comfortable on the apparatus and are ready to start more dynamic moves and sequencing skills.

Click here for the prerequisites of each level.

2023-2024 Adult Aerial Classes

Day Time Start Date Weeks
Tuesdays (Explorer 1&2) - SOLD OUT 8-10pm 16/01/2024 18
Wednesdays (Improver 1&2) - SOLD OUT 8-10pm 17/01/2024 18
Fridays (Explorer 1&2) 10am-12pm 19/01/2024 18