What is funambulism?

‘Funambulism’ is the art of tightwire walking while using a balancing pole.

Made famous by funambulists like Phillipe Petit, who walked on a wire between the two towers of the World Trade Centre in New York, funambulism is a circus skill that is surprisingly accessible.Funambulism was deliberately chosen as the circus skill of choice for LifeLine (and our past project Wires Crossed) as it is an activity that people of all ages and fitness levels can master, with a little patience and trust in themselves.

Funambulism is also a powerful mindfulness tool that promotes mental and physical wellbeing. Walking on a wire conveys a sense of ease and simplicity, yet it requires focus, self-belief and courage. Crossing a tightwire is symbolic of overcoming challenges, facing fears, and taking control of your own body and mind. We use funambulism as a tool to teach techniques for managing fear and self-doubt, and help participants discover their inner-strength and resilience.

About the Irish Centre of Funambulism

The Irish Centre of Funambulism was founded in Galway in 2018 as part of our past project Wires Crossed. It is Ireland’s first and only training and participation centre for funambulism.

The Centre runs trainings in funambulism, the circus art of tightwire walking with a balancing pole. Beginners are encouraged and welcome to come try out this skill!

Funambulism is a fun way to practise your balance, mindfulness and self-awareness. Starting on slacklines 30cm off the ground, participants learn to use the balancing pole and build toward higher wires, with the emphasis on building technique and practising focus. Suitable for all body types, ages and fitness levels, funambulism is an accessible art-form suited to anyone with the enthusiasm to try it.

We are not currently running any workshops. Please check back soon or sign up for our newsletter for updates!

European Funambulism Network

Galway Community Circus is part of the European Funambulism Network, which is a network of circus schools led by Ecole de Cirque de Bruxelles, who are partnered to deliver collaborative projects using funambulism via the European Centre of Funambulism.

Current partners in the network are:

Ecole de Cirque de Bruxelles
Cirkus Cirkör
(Sweden)CIRQUEON (Czech Republic)
The Serious Road Trip
(Romania)Zaltimbanq’ Zirkus (Luxembourg)
Circus Amersfoot
(The Netherlands)
Coraggio - Die Kulturanstifter
(Germany)Galway Community Circus (Ireland)

For more information about the European Funambulism Network, contact the centre: funambule@ecbru.be