Registration for our membership-based Youth Circus programme

The Circus year starts in September and runs to June every year. Classes run for around 30 weeks and participants learn a variety of circus skills in each class. There are typically 12 weeks in the autumn term (September to December) and 18 weeks in the spring term (January to June).

In June/July, we open registration for the next calendar year to current members only. Members are emailed and sent a text to say that they have 3 weeks to register their child/children. If a current member does not register in the 3-week period, we will not continue to hold their space. After the 3-week grace period current members can still register however spaces are offered on a first-come first-served basis and subject to availability.

Registration throughout the year

Once classes have started it is still possible to join the Youth Circus programme throughout the year at these times:

  • After the October midterm break
  • After Christmas holidays
  • After the Easter holiday

Registration is subject to available spaces. Spaces in classes will be advertised through our email newsletter and on social media. You can sign up for our email newsletter here.

Payments Online

You can pay for classes online in full at the time of registering or you can choose an instalment plan. Click here to register online.

Instalment plans

To set up an instalment plan with the Circus you must ring the office on 0851117224 Mon-Wed 9-3pm. There is a €3 admin fee on each instalment. The first payment for an instalment plan starts on the 8th of September and runs for the length of the chosen plan.

Instalment options starting in September are:

  • 8 monthly = class fee + €24 admin fee
  • 4 monthly = class fee + €12 admin fee.
  • 2 (Sept & Jan) = class fee + €6 admin fee.

Instalment options after October midterm:

  • 6 x monthly = €18 admin fee
  • 4x monthly = €12 admin fee
  • 2 x twice yearly = €6 admin fee

Instalment options after Christmas:

  • 4x monthly = €12 admin fee

There are no instalment options after Easter.

Registration for Adult (18+), Toddler and Family Circus Classes

Our Adult, Toddler and Family Circus classes typically run for about 12 weeks in autumn term (September to December) and 18 weeks in spring term (January to June). The amount of weeks varies based on what day the class falls on and public holidays. Registration for these classes is done by term. Registration for autumn term typically opens in August/September, and registration for spring term typically opens in December/January. Members (those previously enrolled in these classes) have the option to register first before classes are open to the public. Once classes are open to the public, spaces will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Class Fees 2022-2023

From September 2022 fees include:

  • 30 weeks of Youth Circus classes
  • Additional training times for shows and events
  • Shows and events
  • Youth exchange opportunities
  • Youth leader opportunities
  • Access to the Circus Equipment Library – coming soon!
  • Open involvement in our Youth Collective/Forum (14-24yrs) which includes one meeting per month towards youth led ideas/actions and input into programme development (email for more information)
  • 10% discount on all camps for registered members

See a table of the 2022-2023 class fees below.

Please note
: When registering online, you may see a class that costs less than what is listed here. This is because we do not charge for classes on bank holidays, mid-term breaks or other holidays. Classes that fall on bank holidays will be adjusted to eliminate the costs for these classes. All prices listed below are for 30 weeks engagement.

Instalments: We also offer the option to pay in instalments. If you wish to pay in instalments there is a €2 handling fee applied for each payment. Payments are deducted on the 8th of each month. To set up an instalment plan, phone us at 0851117224. If you require assistance with online registration, you can also contact us by email at The reception office is open Monday and Tuesdays 9am-4pm and Wednesdays 9am-11pm.

Read our class cancellation policy here.

Youth, Toddler, Family & Adult Shantalla Class Fees 2022-2023

Age Group Weeks Yearly Fee Admin Fee
Youth Circus Fleas (5-7yrs) 30 €253 Plus €3
Youth Circus Juniors (8-11yrs) 30 €312 Plus €3
Youth Circus Tweenies (12-14yrs) 30 €312 Plus €3
Youth Circus Seniors (15-17yrs) 30 €312 Plus €3
Youth Circus Pierrot (18-24yrs) 30 €415 Plus €3
Youth Circus Aerial (8-17yrs)) 30 €312 Plus €3
Toddler Circus (1-4yrs) 30 €174 Plus €6
Family Circus (4yrs+) 30 €155 Plus €6
Adult Circus (18+yrs) 30 €540 Plus €6

Youth Circus Tuam Class Fees 2023

Age Group Weeks Fee Admin Fee
Youth Circus Fleas (5-7yrs) 18 weeks €155 Plus €3
Youth Circus Juniors (8-11yrs) 18 weeks €190 Plus €3

Clubs and Training Space Class Fees

This year we are bringing back Circus clubs and Training Space! The below fees are based on 26 weeks of engagement.

Age Group Weeks Yearly Fee Admin Fee
Training Space (12-24yrs) 26 €140 Plus €3
Club Acro and Parkour (13-17yrs) 26 - drop in €5 per class

Access Awards

Galway Community Circus have Access Awards available to assist those who may need assistance with fees. Please complete the Access Award form below and submit to: