Fleas (5-7 yrs)
€222 for 30 weeks

Juniors (8-11 yrs),
Tweenies (12-14 yrs), Seniors (15-20 yrs), Pierrot (18-25yrs) and Youth Aerial (8 – 17 yrs)
€272 for 30 weeks

Toddler (1-4 yrs)
€62 for 12 weeks

Family Circus (Age 4+)

€44 pp for 12 weeks – (minimum 1 parent & 1 child registered)


Adult Aerial (18+)
€182 for 12 weeks

Adult Fit & Flex (18+)
€98 for 12 weeks

Adult Handstand
€164 for 12 weeks

Special offer for adult classes
If you purchase two different classes together (e.g.: Aerial and Fit & Flex, Aerial and Handstand, or Fit & Flex and Handstand) you will get a 20% discount. If you purchase all three classes (Aerial, Fit & Flex and Handstand) you will get a 30% discount.

Please note:
When registering, you may see a class that costs less than what is listed here. This is because we do not charge for classes on bank holidays, mid-term breaks or other holidays.

Instalments: We also offer the option to pay in instalments. If you wish to pay in instalments there is a €2 handling fee applied for each payment. Payments are deducted on the 8th of each month. To set up an instalment plan, phone us at 0851117224. If you require assistance with online registration, you can also contact us by email at The reception office is open Monday and Tuesdays 9am-4pm and Wednesdays 9am-11pm.

Read our class cancellation policy here.

Access Awards

Galway Community Circus have Access Awards available to assist those who may need assistance with fees. Please complete the Access Award form below and submit to: