Our Outcomes Model

We are focused on three core drivers of human development: competence, agency and connectedness. We measure the impact of our work against this framework. We share our learning with others and contribute to the growing evidence base for the impact of circus. Our model is dynamic, we are always listening for and responding to the unique experiences of our community members.

Our Impact

At our circus, we empower young people to be active citizens, confident in themselves, considerate of others, and equipped to take risks, try new things and persist when faced with personal challenges.

Our training programme follows an annual plan with key learning objectives set by our tutors for each group. We help build balance, hand-eye coordination, body awareness, communication and focus. The circus is non-competitive and body positive, all body types and levels of fitness are welcomed.

As well as training, our programme supports participants to devise performances annually, from large scale theatre shows to small community performances. Participation in shows is entirely optional.

We envision and expect that the accomplishment of our activities and our Theory of Change will lead to the following long-term impact.

More young people will:

  • Believe that they can achieve extraordinary things
  • Have improved physical and mental health and well-being
  • Have improved social, personal and life skills
  • Become more active citizens
  • Be better prepared to succeed in their chosen paths as adults

Society will benefit from:

  • An increase in inclusivity, active citizenship and social justice
  • More socially inclusive, resilient and sustainable communities

The Irish arts, youth work and education sector will benefit from:

  • Having third level training for youth and social circus educators and a sustainable pool of qualified competent facilitators
  • Increased employability of circus practitioners
  • Youth and social circus becoming a recognised art form and educational method in Ireland
  • The Galway Community Circus model, which can be employed in other locations in Ireland

Galway Community Circus will:

  • Become the Irish centre of excellence for youth and social circus operating from its own dedicated premises

Theory of Change

"Circus is a highlight of the week for me. I love coming here and testing myself. The other members are amazing people, I’ve gained friends here that I wouldn’t trade for the world." -Galway Community Circus member, aged 17