With the easing of restrictions for underage sport beginning the 26th of April, we will be starting our “Circus Outside” programme. Circus Outside will run April 26 - July 2. It is an 8 or 10-week programme currently available for youth ages 5-17. All outdoor classes will meet COVID-19/public health guidelines and a flexible cancellation policy will remain in place.

Register by clicking the button below. Spots in our Circus Outside programme are limited per COVID-19 guidelines and will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Registration must be completed online prior to classes; no walk-ups will be permitted. Outdoor classes will take place in Shantalla Park behind Galway Community Circus.

We are so excited to bring some active circus fun to our community and rekindle the friendships and connections that circus brings us all. Let’s get ready for some fun!

Read about safety with GCC during COVID-19 here.

Circus Outside Class Descriptions

Fleas, age 5-7: In this fun and engaging class, we’ll aim to develop body and space awareness, motricity and coordination and social skills through playing fun games and practicing various circus skills. This class is 50 minutes.

Juniors, age 8-11:
In this class, we discover a world of possibilities full of creativity. Featuring lots of fun games, we will learn and practice the four main fields of circus: object manipulation, acrobatics, balance, and clowning. This class is one hour and 15 minutes.

Tweenies, age 12-14:
Featuring a mix of circus skills, games and fitness activities, students will learn how to understand their body and the space around them in a fun and creative way while making friends and sharing laughs. This class is one and a half hours.

Seniors, age 15-17:
Fitness has never been so exciting! In this class, we experiment with new and different ways of moving our bodies without losing the fun. This class is a mixture of different languages such as circus, dance, theatre, games and more that is sure to bring joy, lots of laughs and new friends. This class is one and a half hours.

Youth Aerial Fun + Fitness, age 8-17:
Even though we can’t be up in the air for now, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun on the ground! This class will mix different circus skills, games, dance, theatre and other languages to prepare ourselves to get back into the air in the future, while having a lot of fun in the present. This class is one hour.

Circus Fitness for Adult Aerial, age 18+ (Thursdays): This class dives into various circus techniques to learn and/or improve on. These skills are specifically designed to be transferable to your Aerial practice. This in-depth learning program will include classes in body conditioning, cardio exercises, handstands, flexibility, acrobatics, creativity, rhythm exercises, choreographic composition, circus games and more. This class is one and a half hours.

Circus Outside Class Timetable