Galway Community Circus’ online Youth Circus programme

Circus Connects is Galway Community Circus’ online class programme. With ever-changing restrictions, openings and closings, we want to assure our membership that whatever is thrown our way, we are going to stay connected and find a way to deliver high-quality circus in a meaningful, fun and engaging way.

We of course cannot wait to have you back in the circus hall again, but with this new world we are in, we do need to respond appropriately to ensure the continued growth, support and connection within our membership that makes circus so special.

What does Circus Connect offer?

We host online classes and workshops for each age-group that explore everyone’s interests and build toward a fun and inclusive outcome.

How to connect?

Every Monday our Youth Circus members will receive all the information needed to participate in our online classes via email and a follow-up text message.

Impact and Outcome

In our online classes we focus on connection, social interaction, the continued development of skills, physical fitness and fun. It’s so important to retain our connections and remember that, even as we are kept apart for each other’s safety, we remain together. Galway Community Circus will continue to research, learn and develop our online programme so that it too is a vital and enjoyable part of the annual Youth and Social Circus programme.

Circus Connects Us All.

By participating in Galway Community Circus online programme, you are accepting GCC’s Internet acceptable use policy.

Circus Connects Timetable

GCC’s Internet acceptable use policy.