Strength and Flexibility

Stay connected to our circus family with ideas for workouts and flexibility! Every week, two videos will be released straight from our GCC aerial tutors Alice and Isabela! Stay strong, get the support you need and have fun along the way with some of your favourite tutors!

Mondays 10am, pre-record on Zoom / Tutor: Alice

Wednesdays 10am, pre-record on Zoom / Tutor: Isabela

You can access the pre-recorded sessions here:

Object Manipulation

If you have socks, a broomstick or even some fruit, you can do this! Enjoy a playful session with Alaa and Isabela as they guide you through simple techniques you can try at home to improve your juggling and object manipulation skills.

Mondays and Wednesdays 4-4:30pm Live on Zoom / Tutors: Alaa and Isabela

Use these links to register:

Circus for Families

With this class, families can challenge each other, collaborate and discover new circus activities together, at home. Using acrobatics, object manipulation and other surprises, all with everyday household items, your Family can have fun and quality time together. Family Circus is assured for all ages!

Tuesdays 10am pre-record on Zoom and Fridays Live 3pm-3:20pm on Zoom / Tutor: Léana

You can access the pre-recorded sessions here:

Handstand Level 1 and 2

This is a great opportunity for anyone who has wanted to learn handstands but didn't have time to practice! You can do it...! Join Alaa and Isabela in this 2-level class. On Tuesdays, Alaa will be teaching Level 1 and on Thursdays Isabela will teach level 2.

Level 1 is suitable for age 8+ total beginners. Tuesdays 3-4pm Live on Zoom with Alaa

Register here

Level 2 is suitable for age 12+ who have some experience in being upside down and know how to exit from a chest to wall handstand. Thursdays 4-5pm Live on Zoom with Isabela

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Training Space

This online training space has been specially made for all of our members who are missing warming up and cooling down with classmates at the Circus or practising a particular trick or movement that requires peer help and support. Join our Training Space live class and let's do some training together! Remember that trick, stretch that split, let's do it together! Designed specifically for Tweenies, Seniors and Pierrot.

Fridays 4-5pm Live on Zoom / Tutor: Isabela

Live Creative Lab

For those who are seeking for a creativity boost to create, develop and polish a circus/dance/theatre/movement.. Act! Let's create together! Designed specifically for Tweenies, Seniors and Pierrot.

Fridays 5-6pm Live on Zoom / Tutor: Isabela

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