The Centre runs trainings in the art of funambulism. Beginners are encouraged and welcome to come try out this skill!

Levels of training are as follows:

  • Taster: Tasters are free drop-in sessions to try out funambulism before booking onto a workshop. Tasters take place on slacklines between 30cm – 1.5m high. No booking is necessary to attend a taster session.
  • Discovery: A Discovery workshop is the best place to start for anyone new to funambulism. During this 2 hour workshop you will learn the basic techniques from the very beginning, with opportunities to walk on lines between 30cm and 1.5m high. Once you have taken part in a Discovery workshop, your tutors will be able to tell you which workshop to do next.
  • Adventurer: Adventurer workshops are longer versions of Discovery workshops, lasting 4 hours (with an additional hour break for lunch) instead of 2.
  • Explorer: Explorer workshops are a progression from beginner to intermediate level. They take place over 2 days (4 hours per day with an additional hour break for lunch) on slacklines and wires between 30cm – 2m high.
  • Voyager: Voyager workshops include the highwire, where you will learn to walk at 4m high. These take place over 2 days (4 hours per day with an additional hour break for lunch). To take part in a Voyager workshop, our funambulism tutors will need to have determined that you are ready to walk at 4m high.

General information

What to wear

You don’t need any specialist kit to take part in a funambulism workshop. You will need to wear clothes that you can move freely in and comfortable flat shoes (trainers with a thin sole such as Converse, plimsolls or dancing shoes are ideal to allow you to feel the line you are walking on) but you do not need any specialist footwear or clothing.


Please see the latest workshop timetables for information on fees for each workshop.

Wires Crossed Membership

If you intend to take part in regular funambulism training, becoming a Wires Crossed Member will allow you to access workshops at a discounted rate throughout the year.