Social Circus: Circus for All

We believe in circus for all, and wish for circus to be part of wellness, learning and fun for all ages and levels of ability and disability.

Our circus for all philosophy helps disadvantaged, at-risk and vulnerable people develop self-confidence and social skills, using circus art as a vehicle to tap into their strengths and hidden talents. Our social circus programmes are widely accessible and inclusive, allowing participants to realise their potential in accordance with their own abilities.

Social Circus at Galway Community Circus also includes special school programmes that are responsive and tailored to the needs of each target group. Galway Community Circus has provided circus programmes for schools and youth and community groups since 2002. Our school programmes vary from one-off taster workshops to ten-week circus arts education programmes designed to work effectively within the school curriculum and to suit a variety of ages and abilities.

Through our circus residencies, Galway Community Circus delivers a 100% memorable and educational experience for students, teachers, parents and the wider community. Our projects provide a full immersion experience and bring a dynamic, engaging, creative programme to schools.

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Galway Community Circus has a wide range of local, national and international partnerships. From Creative Europe projects to youth exchanges to outreach, our programme is very diverse and includes the support and collaboration of partners such as Rehab Care, Down Syndrome Ireland, Brothers of Charity, Galway Autism Partnership, Arts Alive, Galway Traveller Movement, Erasmus+ Galway County Council, Galway City Council and HSE.


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