Made famous by funambulists like Phillipe Petit, who walked on a wire between the two towers of the World Trade Centre in New York, funambulism is a circus skill that is surprisingly accessible.

Funambulism was deliberately chosen as the circus skill of choice for LifeLine (and our past project Wires Crossed) as it is an activity that people of all ages and fitness levels can master, with a little patience and trust in themselves.

Funambulism is also a powerful mindfulness tool that promotes mental and physical wellbeing. Walking on a wire conveys a sense of ease and simplicity, yet it requires focus, self-belief and courage. Crossing a tightwire is symbolic of overcoming challenges, facing fears, and taking control of your own body and mind. We use funambulism as a tool to teach techniques for managing fear and self-doubt, and help participants discover their inner-strength and resilience.