The achievement of our vison - a centre of excellence for youth and social circus in Ireland - is predicated on the following:

Our Measures of Success:

  • Proven increase in the physical and creative capacity, social responsibility and readiness skills of young people.
  • Programmes which are in line with best practice and standards in youth art practice, social inclusion and experiential learning.
  • Evidence of growth in social impact, art form development, employment and organisational capacity.

Our Long-term Strategic Outcomes & Impact

We envision and expect that the accomplishment of our activities and our Theory of Change will lead to the following long-term impact:

More young people will….

  • Believe that they can achieve extraordinary things.
  • Have improved physical and mental health and well-being.
  • Have improved social, personal and life skills.
  • Become more active citizens.
  • Be better prepared to succeed in their chosen paths as adults.

Society will benefit from…

  • An increase in inclusivity, active citizenship and social justice.
  • More socially inclusive, resilient and sustainable communities.

The Irish arts, youth work and education sector will benefit from…

  • Having third level training for youth and social circus educators and a sustainable pool of qualified competent facilitators.
  • Increased employability of circus practitioners.
  • Youth and social circus becoming a recognised art form and educational method in Ireland.
  • The Galway Community Circus model, which can be employed in other locations in Ireland.

Theory of Change