What we do

Galway Community Circus offers education and training in a variety of circus skills. We aim to create a space where there is a balance between creativity and physical exercise in a non-competitive atmosphere. Our students learn in a safe* and disciplined – while always fun and encouraging – environment.

Circus is a highly accessible art form which gives us a broad, multidisciplinary approach to the world of the arts. At GCC we embrace circus arts through a range of activities, engaging with the worlds of street arts, physical theatre and drama. Skills we practise and teach include acrobatics (tumbling, acrobalance, pyramids, handstands, trampette), aerial (trapeze, hoop, silks, cocoon, rope/corde lisse, Spanish web), equilibristics (tightwire, unicycling, rola-bola, stilt walking, globe, ladder), juggling and object manipulation (juggling with balls, clubs, rings, scarves, hats, cigar boxes, diabolo, devil sticks, staff, contact juggling, poi, hula hoop, plate spinning), and clowning, while developing performance and production skills.

What circus can do for body and mind

Circus is not only beneficial to the body, but to the mind also. Circus training is an alternative form of physical education which can help with balance, hand-eye coordination, body awareness and physical ability, while promoting a lifelong commitment to fitness and physical well-being. Many of the skills taught require a great deal of concentration; circus teaches us to be patient with ourselves, to realise that it may take some time to learn and master a skill. Circus also teaches us to be patient with others and to understand that we all learn at different tempos. All the while, creativity is encouraged, which can empower participants and foster their self-confidence.

Circus is a wonderful instrument for building a participant's self-confidence and improving his or her social interactions. Many of the skills we teach involve the young people working together. Due to this our programmes see the social abilities and team skills of our participants rocket.

Learning and mastering circus skills gives participants a great sense of accomplishment, and the performance skills we teach give young people something to be incredibly proud of. But it’s not all about the successes – at Galway Community Circus we teach that making mistakes is an important part of the process. Learning from mistakes helps young people (and grown-ups!) become more rounded in how they value themselves, improving not only their confidence but also how they see their journey through life.

*It is Galway Community Circus policy to ensure all tutors maintain up-to-date Garda clearance certification, have completed First Aid training, HSE Children First child protection training and are familiar with the Galway Community Circus child protection policy. A copy of the child protection policy can be downloaded here.

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